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Commercial Insurance

We are the right fit for your business. Whether you are a small business just starting out or an established firm, the Robert C. Dempsey Agency can provide you with the exact protection your business needs.


Insurance bonds come in a variety of types for each need or situation.  A bond guarantees that one individual, or entity, will carry out a contract or project according to the specifications outlined.  Surety bonds, Contract bonds and License and Permit bonds are just several of the bonds we offer.

Business Owners Policy

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a special type of commercial insurance designed for small and medium-sized businesses.  By bundling general liability insurance and property insurance into a single policy, BOPs typically offer a reduced premium, often making them a more cost-effective option than separately purchased policies.

Commercial Life & Health Insurance

Life insurance is a great asset for your employees’ peace of mind. Offering the right options can give your business a competitive advantage as part of your overall benefit package.

​Health insurance is a crucial benefit for your employees. Offering the right Health Insurance options help attract new talent and adds to your overall compensation package.  It also helps protect your employees from costly unexpected medical bills and the stress they can produce.

Contractors Liability

Construction and contract work encompass some of the most diverse occupations, and with this diversity comes a number of risks.  Contracting and construction business owners rely on adequate General Liability Insurance to safeguard their business against the mounting risks of potential lawsuits over accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

Garagekeepers Liability

Garagekeepers coverage is an optional line offering protection to the garage business for loss to a customer’s auto left in the insured’s care, custody or control.  Garagekeepers Legal Liability insurance provides protection in case a vehicle is damaged by fire, theft, vandalism or collision.

Landlord Policy

If you're planning on renting property to tenants for more than occasional use, then you're a landlord. And there's a lot more to being a landlord than just protecting your property, so a homeowners insurance policy may not be sufficient for your needs. You may need Landlord Property Insurance.


Landlords' insurance is an insurance policy that covers a property owner from financial losses connected with rental properties. Basic policies cover the building, with an option of insuring any contents that belong to the landlord that are inside.

Trucking Insurance

Trucking insurance is essential coverage for a small business or an owner-operator offering trucking services.  The options available differ according to the type of truck, the goods carried, the risks incurred and the number of years’ experience the driver has. The insurance package you choose for your business will likely include several different types of coverage, and understanding how these work will help you identify the options you need.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

NY state governs the compensation details, including amounts paid. This is insurance that is mandatory in most industries.

Contact us today to learn more about our insurance options and how we can help you protect what matters most to you.

These people have been here for my family for Generations. After leaving the state I needed assistance, they were still here to help me 5 years after I had been a client.
If you need insurance, this is the agency to call. - Mike B.

So nice to have a local place for all your insurance questions. I love that I can call and talk to someone I know every time.

Thank you for your amazing service! - Joy C.

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