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The Beginning of a Legacy: Complete Insurance Solutions in Central New York

The Robert C Dempsey Agency first hung its sign in Groton, New York after Jean and her husband Bob Dempsey purchased the agency from a distant relative in 1970. Jean was a mother of four children, a supportive wife to a pillar in the community, and shortly after the agency was purchased, she added the hat of an insurance agent. Jean steered the ship for months before the couple concluded that the insurance industry was more fruitful in providing for their growing family than Bob’s employment and position of President of the Groton bank. 


Bob transitioned his focus to The Robert C Dempsey Agency, and Jean went part-time so that she could focus more energy on being with her children. Bob and Jean spent many years working together to build a legacy of connecting their neighbors and community with quality and complete insurance solutions that locals could trust.


A Legacy of Connecting Neighbors to Quality Insurance


Bob and Jean’s son, Chris Dempsey, grew up in the insurance business. Chris spent seasons at the insurance agency, paired with college, and gathered work experience from the outside world. In the late 1980s, Bob had his sights on retiring and Chris was zealous to lead the insurance charge. 


In 1990, Chris took ownership and continued championing quality insurance for his community. The Robert C Dempsey Agency is an independent insurance agency, meaning a customer will work with a local agent to pinpoint their unique needs and connect them with the right insurance policy... It’s kind of like buying a house using a realtor. A realtor knows the process of buying and selling houses. They know the area, have tips to ensure smooth processes, have connections to the right attorneys, know the go-to inspectors, make the process simple and streamlined, and hold your hand every step of the way. Working with an independent agency is the same. The agent provides YEARS of expertise, a thorough understanding of insurance, a comprehension of the system and a variety of insurance carriers, and an understanding of the local area. The perfect ingredients to make for a trusted insurance partner.


An independent agent is a partner in life, an advocate, and a counsel in life’s storm. 


A pillar of The Robert C Dempsey Agency is personalized service. Insurance is personal and complex, and it is time-consuming for those who are uneducated in the process to navigate. The Robert C Dempsey Agency can partner with its community members and customers, and get to know who they are. They invest time in analyzing each client and pointing them to their best insurance options. The partnership doesn’t end with a signed policy; it remains an open line of communication and support when life throws you a curve ball.

Chris always reminds his customers that we are only a call away. In his sincerity, Chris goes to the extent of putting his personal cell phone number on his business cards. You don’t have to tackle insurance or life challenges alone. The Robert C Dempsey Agency can be real-life support, an advocate, and an educator on the processes set before you. 

We are local experts who stand for our neighbor’s best.

The Robert C Dempsey Agency has strategically expanded its brick-and-mortar sites to be more accessible to the community, as well as other communities. We are currently represented in Groton, Auburn, and Moravia, New York.

Local experts who stand for our neighbors best
The Dempsey Legacy

Being accessible to the community and increasing our professional partnerships, has led to the overall growth of the agency. It has also allowed Robert C Dempsey Agency to thrive in a time where “big box” companies are cutting costs of products to secure customers at the detriment of the customer, who are left on hold, in a cookie-cutter plan, and in the wind, when their life turns upside down. 

The Robert C Dempsey Agency believes in quality insurance, with real people, for the best price. No cutting corners.


Remember, when you need to make insurance decisions…


Partner with a big insurance company, and you’re just a number. Partner with an independent agent; you’re a name, a story, and a family. You are supported by real people. You are covered by quality insurance.


Call The Robert C Dempsey Agency to begin your partnership and make the best insurance decisions for your family and business.

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