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Why Choose An Independent Insurance Agent?

We understand that life is filled to the brim with things to do and needs to meet. We believe insurance should NOT be one of those demanding, life-sucking tasks. When you choose an independent agency, you pass the hard work over to the experts. You no longer need to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies, on hold, or looking for that pesky ID number given by one of the bazillion companies you called. The independent insurance agent is your advocate and will provide advice you can rely on and policies that best suit your family and business.

What Is An Independent Insurance Agency?

An independent insurance agency does not work for a specific insurance carrier, rather they are a separate entity that works with a plethora of carriers to provide better options for their clients. Simply put, an independent insurance agency works for the customer. The agency works as the expert, analyzes the needs, and presents the client with their best options for coverage and price. Oftentimes, clients can get lower rates paired with better coverage when partnering with an independent agency.

Does The Independent Insurance Agency Need To Be Local?

Technically no, but a better question is, is there a benefit to having your agent be local? And the answer to that is YES!

Having a local independent agent is a huge advantage because the agent is familiar with the area, the common problems, the weather patterns, the geography, and the culture.

Here is an example.

If you are looking to file a claim after your home suffered damage due to a storm and you are working with a local independent agent, that agent can PERSONALLY come to inspect the damage for the claim. The onsite, and timely help will fast-track the process and get you one step closer to peace of mind.

Partnering with a local independent agent can also come in handy when you are deciding the type and amount of coverage you need for your home. A local agent can easily set up a convenient time to see the home and access the particular liabilities it may present.

Local Insurance Agents you can trust.
Choose an Independent Agent that Puts You First

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Independent Insurance Agency?

  1. You don’t have to become an insurance expert. You choose to partner with the expert. So right off the bat, you save time and head space.

  2. You work with real people. Customer service is a pillar of an independent agency and it is what keeps clients as lifelong partners. There is no more waiting on hold for hours, looking around your wallet frantically for your customer ID number to speak with a random representative, and no more wasted time, it’s just good old-fashioned people working with people. And frankly, it gets the job done a whole lot better, and a whole lot quicker.

  3. You are the priority. We don’t work for a specific insurance carrier. We see the big picture and will help you find the right policy for the best price.

  4. Your partnership continues after the policy is chosen. The agency continues to be, in your back pocket when you need help or support. Do you need to make a claim? Or a sibling/spouse passes away and the paperwork seems daunting and foreign…Or you find yourself with a DWI charge, and aren’t sure how to plea… Or someone is hurt on your property or at your business… Or there is a fire… A car accident… No matter the crisis, no matter how big or small, we are a phone call or a short drive away.

  5. Better communication in the claim process. Because our work is personal, we can navigate a smoother claim process, and help keep you apprised of what to expect.

  6. We are present for you. Whether that means reviewing your policy or talking through the changes in your family (Upgrading your vehicle? Pregnant? Getting a divorce?), your home (Putting in a pool? Planning an addition?), your business (Adding employees? Purchasing equipment? Planning to expand?), we are here to offer you our expert advice.

What Are The Alternatives To Working With An Independent Agency?

The term is a captive agent.

Captive Agents are the experts on the specific insurance company to which they are employed. Their laser focus can be an advantage as they will have insider information on the random specials offered by that specific insurance company. This agent, however, will not be able to speak to how their policies measure up against other carriers. You will have to do the footwork to get multiple quotes to compare and contrast.

The other option available when searching for an insurance policy is working directly with the insurance company. This is a common choice because it is quick. You go online, and with a few clicks, you have some sort of coverage. The disadvantage of this choice is that all the work lands on your lap, and more often than not, you have no clue what you are purchasing.

When you choose to partner with an independent insurance agency you choose:

To work with an EXPERT.

To work with a team who will understand your unique needs.

To do your homework… Or should I say you choose to give your homework to your team of experts to complete?

To get the best result, without investing your own personal time and energy into it.

To work with a team of people who will treat you like a person, instead of a number.

To get multiple options before choosing the best fit.

To have a group of experts IN YOUR CORNER, in case you need them.

To work with REAL people, instead of waiting on hold amid a crisis.

To partner for life. Your insurance carrier may change, but the experts helping and supporting you don’t need to.

If we are your partner, we’d love for you to take a moment to SHARE on social media to spread the word on the impact of partnering with an independent insurance agent.

Don’t have an independent insurance agent? Are you looking to begin a partnership? Need a better policy? Call The Robert C Dempsey Agency at 607-898-5134.



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